DeMarseCo; Telephone - 917-597-3306; Fax - 212-875-0434

DeMarseCo was established to acquire select electronic publishing and media providers including news, data, content and conference firms, with a primary focus on U.S.-based firms:

  • Online Media/Broadband/Streaming Media
  • News
  • Consumer and Financial Databases/Content/Analysis
  • Conferences/Trade Shows
  • Advertising/Marketing Services
  • Traditional Media, including Print Publishing (Magazines, Books, Newspapers) and Radio and Television Programming, Production and Distribution

DeMarseCo was formed to acquire a platform company with a  #1 or #2 position in its segment. DeMarseCo has the capability to drive organic growth by turning existing assets into new, diversified revenue streams. DeMarseCo aims to identify these assets and align them with third party strategic alliances or complementary products or, in certain instances, create new products or services from leveraging the existing assets. Additional  acquisitions that have a multiplier effect on the growth potential of high quality assets will also be pursued.

Preferred Deal Characteristics

Deal Characteristics Attractive to DeMarseCo:

Growth Opportunities

  • Organic
  • Consolidation
  • Demographics

Platform for Strategic Acquisitions

High Value Added

  • Premium Product
  • Technological Advantage
  • Significant Market Share
  • Brand Franchise

Healthy Economics

  • Positive cash flow
  • Low/no debt
  • Low cap-ex


  • Growth trends
  • Fragmentation

Viable Exit

Deal Types:

  • Founder Recaps and buyouts
  • Non-Core spinouts
  • Strategic combinations
  • Privatizations
  • Growth Capital
  • Viable Turnarounds

Deal Size:

  • $15-$75 million transaction value (higher for the right assets)
  • Revenue between $5 and $50 million
  • $3-$20M strong, predictable, positive EBITDA